No More Sad Trombones

The new video campaign is a success!

High fives all around. The bubbly is popped and everyone’s back is sore from all the patting. Then suddenly, it happens. Emails start hitting your inbox about rights issues on the web.


No matter where you sit, TRUST from Extreme Reach, keeps costly problems from raining on your parade or your next quarterly review.

Problem. Solution.

Millions of dollars are wasted every year on talent and rights penalties when ads move to digital screens.

TV ads rarely stay there anymore.

Brands need the power of TV creative to work across all screens. But, despite best intentions, it’s hard to keep tabs on video ads as they travel through the web building brand love.

The tag is lightweight, the power is heavyweight.

TRUST is a standard ad tag – a tiny piece of code that goes with the video asset. The tag pings our cloud database in real-time, from wherever your ads roam, and our dashboard shows you what you need to know.

It’s not about the tag, it’s about what it pings.

Since we manage talent and rights compliance for about 90% of the world’s brands in our cloud platform, we are uniquely qualified to report on what’s running across every screen, all the time.


Because we can’t sleep at night knowing millions of dollars are being wasted.

At Extreme Reach, we exist to make our customers more successful.

The essential first step is enabling the industry to know almost instantly if video ads are running out of compliance so teams can react quickly to resolve issues before fines escalate.

Any advertiser, agency, ad server, trading desk, or publisher can use TRUST™ for free and receive basic reporting in real-time.

If you need more, we can do more.


For a small fee, TRUST Alert will notify the team of any issues as they occur and return robust details identifying the precise problem(s). This enables rapid resolution and minimizes the risk of fines.

TRUST Guarantee

When Extreme Reach’s video ad server is the gatekeeper, no TV or video ad leaves our house unless it’s cleared for take-off. That means no surprises and no fines.


See TRUST in action

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